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My Story

I'm so happy you're here!


I've always homeschooled my kids, but I wasn't always sure I wanted to. My journey was like other moms' paths. I knew I wanted the best opportunities for my kids' unique learning needs and gifts. I wasn't sure I could find it in our current school system. I searched and experimented until we found just what we wanted.


It worked! With one just graduated from college (and five more still at home,) I've discovered that home education is the highlight of being a parent and a lovely way to grow up future adults.


Discover how you can start your journey, too! Whether you're a Zoom-schooler who just needs a little help or someone ready to jump in for a 100% homeschool adventure, I assure you, good things are on the way.


Homeschool Hacks:  How to Give Your Kid a Great Education Without Losing Your Job (or Your Mind) is available NOW from your favorite bookstore.

Looking for more homeschool help? Be sure to check out my weekly homeschool curriculum reviews, teaching tips, and family activity ideas at my blog

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