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The Homeschool Help You Need
... Now!


A working mother of six, who has homeschooled her own children for years, shows how any family can do it, with customized plans for every schedule, lifestyle, and educational goal.


What readers are saying...

"Homeschool Hacks is full of tips on how to navigate the tricky legalities of homeschooling, as well as how to balance educating your children well on top of working."

- Ashley Eneriz, Finance Writer

"For anyone serious or merely curious about homeschooling, this is the perfect first read."

- Lela Davidson, Author, Blacklisted from the PTA and Who Peed on my Yoga Mat

"...this is an amazing book with which to educate your kids, whether temporarily or permanently."

- Janet, Goodreads Reviewer

"This book is an extremely powerful resource for anyone homeschooling or considering homeschooling their children."

- Lydia, Goodreads Reviewer

"Where was this book a year ago?"

- Amanda, Goodreads Reviewer

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